Overview of the Horst Miracle Gauge

Please watch this short presentation to learn more about the patented Horst Miracle Gauge:

Nature, family, community, adventure… isn’t that what RVing is supposed to be about?

For many, that sense of peace and relaxation is steadily eroded by a gnawing sense of uncertainty about the fluid level in their tanks. Today’s monitoring systems are notoriously unreliable. Even when they are working at their best, they give very limited information.

Most monitoring systems only provide three possible readings – one third, two thirds and full – with no indication of gradation in between. Given the importance of insuring an adequate supply of fresh water and knowing when to dispose of waste, the experience leaves many RVers exasperated.

The Horst Miracle Gauge changes all of this.

The novel design of the Horst Miracle Gauge provides the ultimate performance in both accuracy and detailed measurements. A single Horst Miracle Gauge can measure the level of all three of your holding tanks up to 1/8” accuracy.

Installation is easy. The system needs only one (1) connection to the bottom of each tank. Simply drill a 3/8” diameter hole in a side wall of each tank at the lowest point possible and use the (3) tank connectors and tubing to connect each tank to the actuator. To take a reading, rotate the knob to the F, G or B position depending upon which tank you want to measure, push the knob and hold it. The gauge will show you exactly what the fluid level is in the tank selected in inches, before it slowly declines.

Now you can relax and get back to enjoying your RV!