Installation Instructions

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1) Horst Miracle Gauge Placement

The bathroom, being the center of most plumbing fixtures, is often the best place to install the Horst Miracle Gauge. Run tubing along the side of tanks following existing electric wires or plumbing pipes that go down to the basement and join them.

2) Preparing Horst Miracle Gauge for Installation

Remove the front cover from the Horst Miracle Gauge by unfastening the 6 screws in the corners and sides of the front panel.

3) Mounting the Horst Miracle Gauge

Use a drill saw to drill two 2” diameter holes in the wall, 3 ¾” apart to provide room inside the wall for the protruding rear parts of the Horst Miracle Gauge. Fasten the base of the Horst Miracle Gauge to the wall, aligning the 2” diameter holes in the wall with those in the Horst Miracle Gauge.

4) Tank Connection

Find the location of the tanks and drill a 3/8” hole in the side wall of each tank at the lowest point possible OR remove the existing ground grommet and insert the one provided.

5) Tank Grommets

Insert the tubing through the new grommet. The easiest way to do this is to cut the end of the tube at a sharp angle, lubricate the inside of the grommet and the outside end of the tubing with soft liquid soap and push it through the grommet (see Figure 1). Cut the sharp end of the tubing once this is completed. The tube should extend about 3/8” beyond the grommet. Now lubricate the outside of the grommet and push and twist the grommet through the 3/8” hole drilled in the side of the tank.

Pro Tips: Pushing the tubing through the grommet is not possible, pulling does work.  Cut the tubing lengthwise in half (or sharp angle) for about 1/2 inch, push tubing through grommet, pull completely through using small pliers. Then cut off and dispose of the end.  With liquid soap insert by twisting the assembly into 3/8” diameter hole in tank. After one day static friction takes over to firmly hold the grommet in place. Pressure on 3/8 diameter grommet is .11 square inch x 1/2 psi, which is .0552 pounds or .883 ounces.

When drilling the 3/8” diameter hole in your tank, put a drill stop on the drill (Lowe’s) to prevent grabbing when the drill brakes through the wall. Put the stop at about 1/2 inch from the end of the 3/8”drill.  

Warning: Do not place grommet in the bottom of the tank, only in the vertical wall as shown.  Product will NOT function correctly when connected to the bottom of the tank. 



6) Tubing

The system measures the height of the fluid level starting from where the connection enters the tank. Direct the tubing approximately vertically along the side of the tank, all the way to the top (see Figure 2), before going horizontally over the tank to its front, up to the actuator.

  • The Fresh (F) connects to the center Tank Connector
  • The Gray (G) connects to the right Tank Connector
  • The Black (B) connects to the left Tank Connector (due to the crossover inside the valve) to enable measurement of each tank.

WARNING: The gauge for the system is very delicate (max ½ PSI) and should be handled very carefully. Any excess pressure will damage the gauge.
BEFORE connecting the gauge and the actuator: 
1) check to make sure there is no water in the tubing other than the vertical portion along the tank wall and
2) rotate the actuator knob to the tank you want to check.

The tank may be as far as 30 ft away from location of monitor.


7) Complete Installation

Complete installation by reattaching the front cover of the Horst Miracle Gauge to the base using the 6 screws removed in Step 2 (1 in each corner, and 2 centered between the top and bottom corners of the front cover).

How to Operate the Horst Miracle Gauge

Measuring Depth of Tank

Select which tank you wish to measure by rotating the knob. Fully depress the knob and hold it. Take gauge reading and slowly release the knob to the starting position. Never let the needle of the gauge exceed its maximum pressure and wait 5 to 10 seconds between readings to let the air in the system stabilize. Return the knob to the center position when finished.

Here is a short video on how to operate your Horst Miracle Gauge:

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