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“My compliments for your new website with a description and explanation of the Horst Miracle Gauge. The videos clearly demonstrate the underlying principle. This is one of those products that cause you to ask how it works, followed by “why doesn’t this already exist”, once you understand the principle behind the measurement. The fact that the various fluid levels can be determined to a fraction of an inch is unheard of in RV’s and an improvement by a factor of 50 or so over the current accuracy of several inches. 

I looked up the various approaches to sensing and measuring fluid levels and couldn’t find this method. It is remarkable that for decades this basic physics principle apparently has been overlooked and that it was not patented decades ago. But the Horst Miracle Gauge appears to be the first one to be based on this principle. 

The combination of simplicity, reliability, no maintenance, and cleanliness are important features. This seems like a breakthrough of such quality that it is hard to imagine anyone coming up with a competing product as good as the Horst Miracle Gauge.”